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´╗┐new world order SpecialsSecond Amendment and Gun ControlCPAC 2014Immigration ReformEnergy and EnvironmentHealth Care ReformBenghazi Attack Under MicroscopeA Guide to the 113th CongressFaith and FamilyMasters 2014 CommunitiesDelay Getting it rightIstook RegulocityPhillip Tea TimeRusty Humphries RebellionRebellion Eagles jerseys china Ortel On the MoneyDeace Midwestern ConservativeJeffrey Shapiro Law Disorder President Obama is on a path toward establishing a one world government. This is the warning of Christopher Monckton, a former major policy adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In December, world leaders will descend upon Copenhagen to sign a United Nations climate change treaty thatthat cheap Eagles jerseys china will succeed the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which is aimed at reducing greenhouse gases and set to expire in 2012. An agreement has been drafted. The goal of the Copenhagen treaty is to erect an international cap and trade regime to curb carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, said to be responsible for man made global warming. Recently, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned of a catastrophe a rising wave of floods, droughts and shrinking food crops unless the treaty is signed. Mr. Brown even said global warming would inflict more damage than both world wars and the Great Depression combined; the world has only several weeks to save itself from impending doom. we do not reach a deal at this time, let us be in no doubt: once the damage from unchecked emissions growth is done, no retrospective global agreement, in some future period, can undo that choice, he said. Mr. Brown has thus outdone former Vice President Al Gore in fear mongering and inciting public hysteria. Global warming alarmists are using the myth of climate change to impose an embryonic socialist world government. Following the collapse of communism, the West progressive elites desperately searched for a viable ideological alternative. They found it in environmentalism. Although the Green movement wraps itself in the flag of empirical science, it represents the very opposite: a dogma thatthat cheap Eagles jersey provides meaning and purpose to its rabid followers. The ideology justifies massive tax increases and government control of the economy; it seeks to cripple free enterprise and curtail market driven growth. Many of today Greens are yesterday Reds. Global warming is the greatest fraud of our time. The overwhelming scientific evidence shows that, rather than getting hotter, the Earth temperatures areare wholesale Eagles cheap jerseys cooling. Increasing numbers of leading scientists are challenging the flawed computer models used by eco alarmists. Mr. Gore and his supporters cannot answer several simple questions. If the Earth temperatures are no longer rising, then how can CO2 emissions be responsible for global warming? How could previous dramatic increases in global temperatures such as the end of the Ice Age have taken place without concentrations of CO2? The answer is obvious: Carbon emissions are not connected to fluctuations in global temperatures. The mad drive for an international cap and trade system is really geared toward achieving the left long sought goal: the destruction of democratic capitalism and national sovereignty. The Greens are poised to succeed where the Reds failed. The Copenhagen treaty must still be negotiated. Final agreement is far from certain, especially from emerging industrial powers like China, India and Brazil. Yet the draft version is clear about the treaty essential elements. It calls for a massive transfer of wealth from the developed world to the developing world. The United States would be forced to spend billions of dollars a year in foreign aid to pay for a so called debt a provision to punish wealthy countries for having historically emitted large amounts of CO2, while compensating poor ones for not contributing to greenhouse gases. The Copenhagen treaty seeks to implement a bureaucratic redistributionist agenda; it is a way for Third World kleptocracies to extort enormous sums of money from America and other rich nations. Moreover, Mr. In other words, the draft treaty explicitly demands that the world body erect an international mechanism with the power to impose emission reduction targets for each country, determine acceptable levels of CO2 and levy global taxes. The United States would lose control over its environmental policy. KuhnerLatest StoriesKUHNER: Ukraine second Orange RevolutionKUHNER: Boston second Tea PartyKUHNER: Will Obama name live in infamy?KUHNER:infamy?KUHNER: cheap Eagles jerseys The tainting of the 2012 electionKUHNER: Bill Maher insults us all

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