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Books and Boxes The Prize Closet continues to dominate this territory. Once we have prizes in, we'll pick winners and send them right out. First of all we have 3 copies of the creepy K horror hit FACE, courtesy of Tartan's Asia Extreme line. To win, get "FACE" in the email subject line. Since you loved our giveaway ofof cheap authentic Colts jerseys free shipping Volume 2 so much, we obtained 5 copies of X FILES MYTHOLOGY Volume 3: Colonization to give away, courtesy of Fox. For this one, just put "X COLON" in the subject. Tom Laughlin's pacifist action hero Billy Jack was a hugely popular antihero in the early 1970s. Relive those glory days by winning one of 5 copies of the BILLY JACK ULTIMATE COLLECTION provided by Ventura Entertainment. The subject line should read "BERZERK" for this one. And now it's time to get literary. Last but certainly not least, Anchor Bay has provided us with 3 copies of EVIL DEAD 2: BOOK OF THE DEAD 2. Plus, one of you three lucky winners will receive a bonus prize: a copy of disc 1 of Bruce Campbell's new audio version of his book MAKE LOVE! THE BRUCE CAMPBELL WAY. SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK This week, our spotlight falls on unusual horror packaging perfect for Halloween gifting. Let H season begin! (O) THE BLIND DEAD COLLECTION (Blue Underground) Armando de Ossorio's quartet of Spanish horror features about the Templaros unseeing bloodthirsty undead mummies have long been favorites among Eurohorror afficianados. Now they've been restored in high definition from the finest archival materials. Who'dathunkit? Includes TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD, RETURN OF THE EVIL DEAD, GHOST GALLEON (aka HORROR OF THE ZOMBIES) and NIGHT OF THE SEAGULLS, plus a documentary on Ossorio, interviews,interviews, cheap Colts jerseys free shipping booklet and more, all in a coffin shaped package! (O) EVIL DEAD 2: Book of the Dead Limited Edition (Anchor(Anchor cheap Colts jerseys from china free shipping Bay) Yep, it's yet another edition of ED on DVD, now in Evil Book packaging sculpted by Tom SullivanSullivan Colts jerseys cheap that screams when you poke it in the eye! The perfect companion volume for those of you who have the EVIL DEAD edition. Includes new HD transfer, commentrak, new featurettes and more. NEW RELEASES (O) ALIEN FILES (Avalanche) Females aboard a spaceship are possessed by an evil alien intelligence. (O) ATLAS IN THE LAND OF THE CYCLOPS () Gordon Mitchell fights a one eyed monster. (O) BIG ALLIGATOR RIVER (NoShame) Construction of a resort brings the wrath of a huge gator god in this 1979 animal revenge flick from Sergio Martino (TORSO). ATLAS IN THE LAND OF THE CYCLOPS (O) BILL TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE (Sony) UMD (O) THE BILLY JACK ULTIMATE COLLECTION () All 5 films directed by and starring Tom Laughlin as the 1970s martial arts/counterculture hero. Set includes BORN LOSERS, BILLY JACK, THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK and BILLY JACK GOES TO WASHINGTON, plus a bonus disc full of stuff. (O) THE CANDY SNATCHERS (Subversive) 1973 thriller in which a trio of amateur kidnappers abduct a teenage heiress and bury her alive. Things get dicey when her father fails to show up with the ransom. (O) CHICO THE MAN: Television Favorites (Warner Bros.) Hard to believe that in 1974 this sitcom about a "Hungarican" mechanic going to work for a racist old garage owner caused a sensation. 30 episodes. (O) COLD BLOOD (Heretic) A widower retreats to a remote farmhouse to grieve, but is tormented by a mystery. Includes commentrak, Making Of, deleted footage and more. THE BILLY JACK ULTIMATE COLLECTION(O) DARK SHADOWS DVD Collection 20 (MPI) Extended arc set in a parallel universe. Plus interviews. (O) (Lions Gate) Hilarious Sci Fi Channel remake of THE CORE on a low budget (a lot of it takes place in a warehouse) starring Luke Perry and Michael Dorn. (O) DRAGONHEAD (Madia Blasters) Three Japanese students who survive a subway cave in dig out to find the surface decimated, with a mysterious force roaming the countryside. With Making Of, interviews and more. (O) DRILLER KILLER (Cult Epics) Single disc edition of Abel Ferrara's groundbreaking first feature. Includes near incoherent commentrak by the director. (O) EAT THE RICHRICH cheap Colts jersey (Image) British black class comedy with an all star cast in which a resentful waiter finds a way to strike back at the wealthy.

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