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´╗┐surges to top 25 magazines in America SpecialsSecond Amendment and Gun ControlCPAC 2014Immigration ReformEnergy and EnvironmentHealth Care ReformBenghazi Attack Under MicroscopeA Guide to the 113th CongressFaith and FamilyMasters 2014 CommunitiesDelay Getting it rightIstook RegulocityPhillip Tea TimeRusty Humphries Rebellion Ortel On the MoneyDeace Midwestern ConservativeJeffreyConservativeJeffrey wholesale jerseys Browns cheap Shapiro Law Disorder The magazine, which is published by the National Rifle Association (NRA), surged 29 percent to 2.2 million readers in the second half ofof cheap Browns jerseys from china 2013 over the same period the previous year. At the same time, circulation for all magazines was down 2 percent during that time frame. (The NRA publication took the place of the racy men magazine which fell from 2.5 million to 2 million subscribers.) NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told me, jump in circulation is reflective of the increase in our membership, gun owners and the growing interest in firearms all across the country. was a massive increase in NRA membership last year from 4 million to 55 cheap authentic Browns jerseys million that mirrored Mr. Obama second term gun grab. The magazine is one of three publications ( Hunter and First Freedom that members can choose when signing up for the pro Second Amendment organization. Rifleman reviews firearms and covers shooting events. One of the most popular features is the Citizen that chronicles reports of regular citizens using firearms inin wholesale Browns cheap jerseys self defense. (Note to CNN Piers Morgan: This is the source for a sampling of the millions of times guns are used for defense every year that you told me never happens. He believed that the public would go along with it. Instead, he has encouraged a whole new section of the population younger, more urban, increasingly female to buy a gun for the first time. These people, in turn, became interested in defending their God given right to self defense. We are a nation built on the belief that an armed citizenry prevents a tyrannical government. So the new NRA members and readers of Rifleman are telling the Mr.Mr. wholesale cheap Browns jerseys Obama that they will not be disarmed.

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